The extraction and processing of minerals is fundamental to the needs of society and to economic growth. This can lead to significant demands in terms of land use and resources, and by their very nature applications for mineral development can often be complicated and controversial giving rise to conflicting planning demands.

AXIS has extensive experience in the provision of consultancy services to the minerals sectors. The company has been responsible for providing advice to clients and representations to minerals policy documents and has been successful in securing planning permission for clients in respect of both aggregate and industrial minerals. AXIS has obtained planning permission for a vast array of mineral and mineral related development, from the development of new sites and extensions to existing sites, to the delivery of associated processing plant and machinery.

AXIS has successfully negotiated new conditions in accordance with Schedules 13 and 14 of the Environment Act 1995 (ROMP), benefitting from having staff with experience as leading mineral and ROMP officers within County Local Authorities.

AXIS understands the importance of appropriate site restoration and aftercare and has worked with Councils and the mineral industry to ensure that the long term effects of mineral development are beneficial to the wider environment.

AXIS has extensive experience negotiating and successfully submitting applications to not comply with conditions previously attached (S73) and Certificates of Lawful Use or Development (CLUED) relevant to mineral development. Furthermore AXIS has provided planning advice on numerous planning obligations to which mineral consents have been subject (S106/S278).

AXIS also deals with post approval matters such as the submission of schemes to discharge the requirement of conditions imposed on mineral permissions.

AXIS fully understands the pressures imposed to maximise the benefits from secondary aggregate and reduce the reliance upon primary won aggregate, and accordingly has advised clients in respect of site selection and feasibility.

AXIS has experience in dealing with a range of mineral types including:

  • sand and gravel
  • rock salt
  • brine
  • limestone
  • peat
  • clays
  • chalk
  • secondary aggregates

AXIS offers a wide range of consultancy services to the minerals sectors from within its core disciplines of planning, EIA, transportation planning and design.

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