Infrastructure represents the foundations upon which communities and commercial activities are built. Ranging from strategic transportation networks to airports and utility services, all aspects of the UK’s infrastructure are constantly being modified or improved to sustain the growth in social centres and economic activity.

This brings into play a wide range of planning and regulatory frameworks, which govern the development process and, in turn, present technical and environmental challenges to developers. Drawing upon a wealth of combined experience, on an extensive list of major infrastructure projects, AXIS can offer a range of consultancy services from within its core disciplines of planning, EIA, transportation planning and design, to assist its clients in realising their development objectives.

Since the Company began, it has maintained strong links with the traditional Infrastructure sectors of highways and transportation, working for trunk road agencies, county councils, airports, rail authorities and government agencies throughout the UK. In addition, activities in this sector have also included comprehensive inputs to high profile and innovative infrastructure projects for private companies. These have included the estuarial transhipment of Airbus A380 wing-sets, TATA Chemical’s 15km Cheshire brine pipeline, NPL’s 60km brine pipeline between Northwich and the Mersey Estuary and numerous below-ground gas storage facilities, in the salt beds of central Cheshire.
These schemes are good examples of AXIS’ ability to understand, adapt and succeed in a sector where projects can be complex, controversial and extend over large geographical areas.

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