Planning Permission Granted for British Salt/Tata Chemicals Europe Limited Pipeline

In March 2013 AXIS submitted applications, and an accompanying Environmental Statement, on behalf of British Salt Limited, for the delivery of a circa 15 kilometre pipeline corridor to transfer brine and soda ash related wastes between the existing brine field at Warmingham and the existing salt and chemical factories at Middlewich and Lostock respectively. The application provides for a range of associated development, including, amongst other things, pumping stations, settlement tanks and buffer tanks. Applications were submitted to both Cheshire East Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council (it being a cross-boundary application). AXIS has worked in close liaison with both Local Authorities and other interested stakeholders to address any questions raised both pre-submission and during the determination process.

On the 15 August 2013 the application was considered by Cheshire West and Cheshire Strategic Planning Committee which resolved unanimously to grant planning permission, subject to conditions, for the development within their authority. On the 11 September 2013 the application was considered by the Cheshire East Strategic Planning Board which again resolved unanimously to grant planning permission subject to appropriate conditions. With both authorities having resolved to grant planning permission, following issue of the permissions, work will now commence on discharging the relevant conditions and commencing the construction phase of the development.

Both Committees commended the work undertaken by AXIS. Members at Cheshire West and Chester Committee commented that: “There has obviously been, and continues to be, significant work undertaken between the agents and officers to ensure that all matters have been fully addressed. This helps the planning committee in making their decisions.” Members at Cheshire East commented that: “AXIS should be commended for the efforts they have gone to in terms of public consultation during pre and post-submission…their active engagement with officers to ensure matters have been addressed…and…the thorough and comprehensive responses to our questions during this committee.”

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