AXIS Secures Consent for Executive Homes in Kenwyn

Planning Application
AXIS prepared and submitted a planning application for the development of six executive homes on land within the Kenwyn area of Truro in February 2020. The planning application was supported by Cornwall Council’s Planning Officer who recommended that the Council’s planning committee grant planning consent.

Visualisation of homes. Source: CAD Architects

The planning committee subsequently resolved to refuse planning consent against the advice of their planning officers. The refusal of planning consent was on the basis that, in the view of the committee, the scheme did not comprise rounding-off of the settlement and would result in encroachment into the countryside, harming the character of the area.

AXIS and CAD Architects advised the client that there were strong planning arguments in favour of the proposed development and that they should Appeal against the Councils decision.

AXIS were, subsequently, responsible for the preparation of an Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate which was lodged in November 2020.

The Appeal
At appeal, AXIS referred to planning consents for similar developments in the immediate area and were able to demonstrate that the appeal site was more physically contained, benefited from more clearly defined and logical perimeter boundaries than the sites, which have previously been deemed to comply with the same planning policies.

AXIS demonstrated that the proposed development was clearly compliant with the Council’s own policy and guidance on the rounding-off of settlements – the planning officers had also drawn this conclusion.

AXIS also referenced the conclusions of the landscape and visual assessment on the character and visual impact of the development. The conclusion was that whilst the proposal would have some very minor visual impact, it would be contained within logical boundaries (established mature hedgerows) that separate it from the countryside. It would also strengthen and reinforce the settlement boundary and the delineation between the countryside and urban area. The Planning Officer had drawn similar conclusions in their report to the planning committee.

Appeal Allowed
The Planning Inspectorate considered the Appeal documentation and the arguments put forward by AXIS in favour of the proposed development. They agreed with those arguments and allowed the appeal and the grant of planning consent on 30 April 2021.

Martin Pollard – AXIS Technical Director

Martin Pollard, Technical Director at AXIS, said “We are delighted that the Planning Inspectorate has allowed the appeal and granted planning consent for the proposed development. The introduction of these high quality, sustainable, architect designed, executive properties will make a very positive contribution to the housing stock in Kenwyn.”

The Development
The development would involve the construction of six three-storey, detached executive dwellings, each with associated private amenity space and car parking. The properties would vary in size, with the smallest providing 335sqm of living accommodation and the largest providing 439 sqm. The homes would market well over £1 million.

Visualisation of homes. Source: CAD Architects

Sustainability Features:

  • The properties would have a natural stone finish with natural slate roofs. They would include elements of zinc cladding and plain render;
  • Each of the properties would include Solar PV and some parts of the roof would be sedum (green roof);
  • Energy efficiency in the homes would be maximised by minimising air loss, using low energy glazing systems, and include a package of energy efficient measures including insulation, heating and ventilation;
  • The construction would use less energy by utilising materials with low-embodied energy, minimising assembly, construction and maintenance, the use of renewable materials, as well as recycled and reclaimed materials;
  • Water would be conserved by reducing demand and employing rainwater harvesting systems;
  • Renewable energy sources and sustainable systems to be incorporated into the development including Solar PV and renewable communal heating in the form of ground source heat pumps.

The development would also include a landscape scheme that would deliver achievable biodiversity benefit including the protection of all existing trees and hedgerows, the introduction of small orchard areas, retention and enhancement of existing scrub, and the introduction of new hedgerows.

Visualisation of homes. Source: CAD Architects

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